O2 has launched the UK's first interactive comedy show for the mobile phone, in partnership with Virgin Radio breakfast show presenter Christian O'Connell and multi platform content producer USP Content.

Titled "If an alien came to earth...." the comedy panel show aims to reach a consensus on how best to represent planet Earth to a visitor from outer space, in this case a creature with oven mitts for hands.

The pilot show sees Christian joined by a panel which features Alex Zane (Balls of Steel), Steve Bunce (The Games) and Iain Lee (LBC, Sky), who during the course of the show are presented with a series of questions from the serious to the ridiculous, via the just plain stupid.

O2 says "Alien" is designed to bring entertainment to people wherever they are, be it on the bus, at the pub or even at home.

The show also features an interactive forum to offer viewer interaction by enabling them to put forward their opinions on topics raised and suggestions for future discussions on the show.

Available exclusively on O2 mobile, each segment of "Alien" is 2 minutes long and will also be available to view exclusively online at O2.co.uk.