O2 UK has announced it will launch O2 Broadband on October 15th.

The service in the UK is launching with the "simple promise" to make broadband better, and the noble claim that it will "set a new standard in the market".

The promise is that O2 Broadband will be simple to set up and use, offer total transparency in both pricing and service speeds, and has great after service care.

Available for both existing and non-O2 customers, the new service will offer the following:

* A simple one step plug-and-play set-up through the O2 wireless box with automatic configuration. No messy codes or complicated technical procedures
* O2 wireless box included (wireless router) with automatic configuration
* Free UK-based customer services from UK landlines or O2 mobiles through a single number and 24/7 technical support
* Unlimited usage to download exactly what you want (but, like O2's recently announced data plans - subject to a fair usage policy)
* Super-fast access speeds of up to 20 meg on one of the UK's most advanced networks
* A range of great combined mobile and broadband product features, including O2 Broadband emails automatically being sent to your O2 mobile phone message in-box[iii] and address book synchronisation between their PC and mobile (for O2 mobile customers)
* Send up to 100 free texts a month from your O2 Broadband account on your PC

O2 Broadband will use "one of the most advanced and high-quality broadband networks in the UK" and use the latest ADSL2+ technology.

At launch, O2 Broadband will cover 50% of the population, focusing on the major urban areas. The network will be further rolled-out in line with customer demand.

Although the service can offer up to 20 meg before a customer is hooked up, O2 will carry out a line check will be completed to estimate the speeds the customer can receive to ensure they are placed on the correct package.

This will be checked up to 1 month later to ensure the package selected by the customer is appropriate and that they only pay for the package appropriate for the speed their line can support.

There will be preferential rates packages for O2 Pay Monthly customers starting with the Standard Package at £7.50 per month for up for 8 meg; the Premium Package at £10 per month for up to 16 meg and the Ultimate Package at £15 per month for speeds of up to 20 meg.

Non O2 Pay Monthly and non-O2 customers will pay an additional £10 per month on each of the available packages.