The rumours suggesting that O2 will be the operator to get Apple's iPhone in the UK have made a come-back.

The original reports were denied by O2 and given the "no-comment" treatment by Apple.

Intelligence from Thomson Financial, citing a Spanish newspaper that attributes the info to unnamed sources, states that an agreement between the two firms has been reached.

Apparently, O2 will get the exclusive right to sell the iPhone in the UK and have committed £178 million overall to do so.

Previously rumours have linked the iPhone to both Vodafone and T-Mobile, it is not known when an announcement will be made but the iPhone is expected to go on sale in Autumn.

This timescale means that an announcement should be forthcoming very soon in order for this launch timetable to work.

It has been suggested that O2 will get the deal as they are prepared to agree to Apple's demands, which include a great deal of control over the product and how it is sold, as well as a percentage of O2's profit from the phone.

Apples' CEO, Steve Jobs, is currently in London, fueling rumours that a statement is imminent, possibly today.