O2 has announced its expanded the number of countries where it's free to receive calls on any network.

The My Europe roaming price plan, which boasts a savings of up to 70% on standard roaming rates, is now available for UK customers in 31 European countries.

In addition, the My Europe Extra "high roamer" service is available in France, Germany, and Italy, as well as the launch country of Spain and another 30 countries.

This plan involves a flat-rate fee of 25p per minute to call back to the UK and around mainland Europe; received calls are free.

For Post-pay customers, a year's subscription of £5 a month also gives them access to this plan.

"Last year, O2 introduced standard, flat-rates for text messages across Europe, ensuring absolute transparency for SMS roaming", commented Peter Erskine, the chairman and CEO of Telefonica O2 Europe.

"We'll continue to bring down the last barriers in roaming charges, in particular mobile data services."