There’s no escaping MySpace and YouTube. According to a report in The Times this week, UK mobile phone operators are deep in discussions with MySpace about tie-ins with the site so that users can quickly gain access to their account on their mobiles.

O2 is the only operator to have confirmed discussions are underway; a company spokesman commented, “We recognise people want their own content on the move and we are in exploratory talks with people like MySpace”.

As mobile phone service providers get ever more competitive, lowering prices, offering bundles with broadband, and supplying multimedia content, companies are constantly looking for new ways to attract users. Several providers have their own networking sites, including Kink Kommunity by 3, and LookAtMe by O2, but it seems the operators believe the real attraction for consumers lies in having quick access to familiar sites on which they’ve already built up contacts and content.

MySpace and US mobile phone operator Cingular are believed to be announcing a deal this week, so it’s logical that UK providers aren’t far behind.