O2 is rolling out a new service called “high roamer” under its My Europe set of tariffs that lets UK mobile phone users receive calls abroad at no charge.

At launch, customers can only benefit from this service when travelling in Spain, but the plan is to add another 35 countries in the first half of next year.

O2 UK users of the high roamer service must pay a £5 fee per month to make calls at a reduced rate of 25p per minute from Spain to anywhere in Europe, and pay nothing to receive calls whilst in Spain; however, there's no contract, so users can opt to simply sign up for 1 month of the service. Business customers receive a discounted rate of £2.50 per month if they sign up for 12-months.

O2 says it chose Spain as the first country to roll out the new plan because “more of its customers travel there frequently on business, or on holiday, than any other country”.