In a move to simplify roaming charges for the consumer, O2, together with Telefonica Moviles, is rolling out "My Europe" for pre- and post-pay O2 customers.

The plan includes a 35p per minute pan-EU flat rate, and removes all charges when receiving calls abroad.

The initiative comes courtesy of Telefonica's acquisition of O2 in February this year.

Two different offerings are available under My Europe.

The first is aimed at holidaymakers and will be available from July, whereby a free opt-in price plan means that outbound and inbound voice calls will be charged at around €0.50 and €0.59 per minute across all EU territories, no matter what the network.

The second, called the "high roamer" service, will be aimed at post-pay business travelers, and involves a monthly connection charge. The customer can then select a country or group of countries where outbound calls will be made at a domestic call rate, and inbound calls will be free.

Those who opt in for the first plan will pay about 35p per minute for all calls in Europe, which represents a savings of up to £1.19 on some roaming rates.