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(Pocket-lint) - O2 has announced it will be introduce a new series of Flexible Tariffs from tomorrow, 27 October, which coincidentally coincides with pre-orders for the iPhone X going live.

Customers on a Flexible Tariff will be able to change their tariff and subsequently monthly payment every 30 days through the MyO2 app, over the phone or in store, depending on their needs.

O2 gives an example of someone on a 50GB data plan paying £41 a month, can then change to paying £19 the following month, with the data allowance dropping accordingly to 1GB.

The new plans are being introduced to give customers more freedom over how much data they need each month, to save them either going over their usual limits or to end a month with lots of data left over.

If for example you know you will be watchings lots of videos, sharing photos and spending a lot of time on social media in December for Christmas, you can up your allowance. If January will be a relatively quiet month, then you can drop the amount of data you need and pay less.

Here are all the O2 Flexible Tariff options:

  • 50GB data, £41
  • 30GB, £35
  • 20GB, £34
  • 10GB, £29
  • 5GB, £26
  • 3GB, £22
  • 1GB, £19

All tariffs come with unlimited minutes and texts.

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The Flexible Tariffs will run alongside the already established Refresh Tariffs, which let customers pay separate monthly payments for the phone and the tariff, allowing them to change their phone on a more regular basis without incurring significant fees.

O2's new Flexible Tariffs are available now and can only be taken out when bought with a handset from O2, so aren't available as a SIM-only option. Head to O2's website for further details and to sign up.

Writing by Max Langridge.