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(Pocket-lint) - The music you are hearing in your head right now should be the theme tune from The A-Team, because if you've got a problem with your tech, then you should come down to the Pocket-lint Tech Tavern with O2 during London Technology Week (16-20 June) to get it solved.

That's right, the O2 Gurus will be at the Tech Tavern at The Fable, 42 Holborn Viaduct, London, all week during London Technology Week from 12 - 4pm happy to help you with any tech problems you have no matter how big or small.

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Technology’s amazing. But we don’t always make the most of it. So our O2 Gurus are here to help. Whether you’ve got a tablet or a phone, they can help you set it up, and show you what it can do. For free.

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From transferring across your music, to boosting your phone’s speaker. From getting more from your memory, to introducing you to apps you’ll love. And whether you’re a technophobe or a bit of an expert yourself, they talk your language.

So, if you've got some niggling problem that you don't know how to fix and have given up trying to find the answer on the internet, make sure you come down to the Pocket-lint Tech Tavern between 12-4pm between the 16-20 June and the O2 Gurus can get you sorted.

See you soon.

Writing by Stuart Miles.