O2 has launched a pay-as-you-go 4G price plan that offers customers a way to hop on to the faster speed bandwagon, but without a monthly contract.

Like EE before it, the network will offer the new tariff with a range of 4G handsets, with the Nokia Lumia 625 costing just £150 as a good way to get into 4G at the ground level.

The Pay & Go Go Go price plan costs £15 a month and for that you get 75 minutes of talk time, 500 texts and 500MB. But stay with O2 and pay regularly and there are boosts to collect along the way. After three months, your package will double, giving you 150 minutes, 1,000 texts and 1GB of 4G data for the same £15. After six months, you will get unlimited inclusive texts.

There are also data bolt-ons that can increase the limits at any time. For £3 you can get an extra 100MB, £6 will get you an extra 500MB and £10 will get you 1GB. So for £25 a month, you can effectively get 1.5GB of data for the first three months, 2GB of data thereafter.

Existing O2 customers who have been with the service for more than three months will jump straight to the double package.

In addition to its Pay & Go Go Go tariff, which is available online and in-store now, O2 has also announced that it will be introducing a 4G mobile broadband plan for tablets and laptops in November. A range of tablets will be supported, including the Google Nexus 7, while a Huawei MBB dingle with mobile Wi-Fi will be available for those who want to couple it with their computers.

Prices for both are yet to be revealed.