Although O2 has been ranging both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C handsets since launch, neither has been compatible with the network's 4G service.

At the time, O2 said that an update would be necessary to ensure compatibility. "iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are both 4G-ready devices that will be enabled to run on our 4G network within the coming weeks – this will happen when new settings are ready to be sent by Apple and we will inform customers when they are available," it said as part of its pricing plans.

But there is now good news for O2 customers with the latest iPhones that want to use the superfast data service they pay for, an update has now arrived. To implement the change, you will need to update your carrier settings either through iTunes or Wi-Fi on the phone itself. O2 provides instructions on its website at

To compensate customers who haven't been able to use 4G during the period, O2 is giving iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C owners who subscribe to the service £5 towards their next bill.

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