Pocket-lint has teamed up with O2 to produce a collection of the very best accessories available from O2.

The collection - handpicked and recommended by us from the network's accessory offering - boasts gadgets, gloves and toys, through to some great audio kit.

The new range, dubbed the Pocket-lint Collection, (cool huh?), will be available at selected O2 stores and will be highlighted with the Pocket-lint stamp of approval and logo from 24 January.

If you're afraid of the high street, or like to do your shopping online, you can also check out the gadgets at the O2 accessory store

The Pocket-lint Collection includes the following 13 gadgets: 

Pro-Tec Touch Screen Gloves


Available from O2 online and O2 stores

Stuart Miles, Pocket-lint CEO: “These get a massive thumbs-up from us for keeping our precious texting fingers warm. When it comes to using your smart-phone on the move, Pro-Tec’s Touch Screen Gloves eliminate the hassle of constantly removing your mitts when all you want to do is use your phone.”

Apptivity Figurine and App


Available from O2 online and O2 stores 

Chris Hall, Pocket-lint: “A great toy, the Apptivity Figurines brings a number of tablet-based games to life – without damaging the screen.”

Crayola ColourStudio HD iMarker


Available at O2 stores

Stuart Miles, Pocket-lint: “The Crayola ColourStudio HD iMarker unlocks an almost endless number of ways to enjoy the Crayola ColourStudio HD app. Acting as a digital marker, crayon, pencil and paint brush, it lets users enjoy a plethora of visual and musical effects, unlocking surprises on every page.”

Samsung Galaxy S3 Notebook Style Flip Case


Available from O2 online and O2 stores

Stuart Miles, Pocket-lint: “The Samsung Galaxy S3 Notebook Style Flip Case can withstand almost anything thrown at it. Sleek, smart and incredibly durable, it prevents any and all everyday scrapes without compromising on the user’s interaction with the phone.”

Griffin Power Duo Reserve for iPhone and iPod


Available from O2 online

Chris Hall, Pocket-lint: “This piece of kit offers peace of mind, ensuring your phone won’t run out of battery at the wrong moment again. Offering both AC and DC chargers, and a pocket-sized back-up battery, the Griffin Power Duo Reserve is a must-have.”

a-JAYS ONE+ in ear headphones with mic


Available from O2 online

Stuart Miles, Pocket-lint: “Affordable, comfortable and far superior to any other standard in-ear headphones on the market, a-JAYS One+ offer excellent clarity of sound across a wide variety of mobile platforms.”

Parrot MiniKit Plus Visor Kit


Available from O2 online and O2 stores

Stuart Miles, Pocket-lint: “This is a great little gadget that genuinely achieves total hands-free phone use while driving. With voice-recognition software integrating phone, text, email and navigation functionality – this really does enrich daily living.”

Samsung All Share Cast Dongle


Available from O2 online

Chris Hall, Pocket-lint: “This stylish little gadget streams content from S3 to the big screen with a really smart and simple set-up. It plugs directly into your TV's HDMI port and syncs seamlessly with the touch of a button, leaving you with hassle-free streaming of your favourite moves, games and music.”

On Beat Micro Portable iPhone 5 Speaker Dock with New Lightning connector


Available from O2 online

Stuart Miles, Pocket-lint: “Perfect for iPhone 5 users the JBL On Beat Micro is an absolute must have. This little dock plays music without wires or adapters and even features a USB port for compatibility with other devices.”

iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor


Available at www.o2.co.uk and O2 stores

Stuart Miles, Pocket-lint: “This is the ideal device for getting fit in 2013 – the Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor attaches with a smaller cuff at the wrist and uses motion sensor technology to ensure the most accurate read possible. Use it with the free iHealth mobile app, to measure and track heart rates, pulse wave and measurement time. Then share your results instantly (if you wanted to!).”

Plantronics Voyager PRO HD Bluetooth Headset 


Available from O2 online

Chris Hall, Pocket-lint: “Small, slick, comfortable and discreet, the Plantronics Voyager headset is incredibly user friendly. Once placed on your ear, phone calls can be transferred automatically from your phone, as well as managing email, checking social media and browsing the net.”

JAMBOX speaker

From £159.99

Available from O2 online

Stuart Miles, Pocket-lint: “Understated in its size and design, the Jambox speaker punches above its weight in terms of sound - offering exceptional hi-fi audio from a single ultra-small dome speaker at extreme high and low frequencies.”

Beats by Dre Solo HDs


Available from O2 online and selected O2 Stores

Chris Hall, Pocket-lint: “A lighter and more streamlined product compared to the studio version, the Beats Solo HD refuses to compromise on sound. Offering an immersive experience courtesy of noise cancelling technology that is second to none.” 

You can get out all the accessories online at accessoryshop.o2.co.uk/

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