Next time the sun is shining and you’ve logged on to one of O2’s free public Wi-Fi hotspots in central London don’t be surprised if you have the sudden urge to buy an ice cream.

O2 has joined forces with Unilever to promote its Wall’s Ice Cream brand on the operator’s mobile Wi-Fi landing page. However, this isn’t just your average marketing campaign.

The adverts for Magnum and Cornetto will begin to appear only when the sun puts its hat on and comes out to play and temperatures are searing to a set point. This type of marketing is called Thermal Targeted Proximity Messaging and O2 and Unilever will use it for the whole of August. 

The campaign will work only when customers of any network log on to one of O2’s free Wi-Fi hotspots in selected districts of zone one in central London. These include Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street and Exhibition Road.

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