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(Pocket-lint) - O2 is set to launch a smartphone app for its customers at the end of 2012 which will allow them to make and receive phone calls and messages on any connected device they own.

TU Go has a simple enough interface but the idea behind it is far more profound than one might think. As a piece of software available for any computer, laptop, phone or tablet that the user possess, it extends your O2 phone number and package far beyond just your mobile.

The service - likely to come bundled with medium-to-high-end pay monthly packages and free to download - means that any calls to your O2 designated mobile number will be routed to whichever piece of hardware you have near you with TU Go installed. As a result, you can quite happily be holding a phone call over a Wi-Fi connection on a laptop or tablet without the person on the other end being any the wiser.

All calls and messages that customers make using the app will come out of their monthly allowances which also may help refocus attention on minutes which, in the age of data, seem to be fast becoming as throwaway as texts.

TU Go will hit all of Telefonica’s operator businesses across the world under the same name and guise later in 2013, although the price and package propositions will likely vary. The app follows the highly successful TU Me offering - a cross-platform, call and text over IP application already available on iOS and Android.

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Writing by Dan Sung.