O2 has revealed some astonishing figures about just how much mobile usage will be going on at this week's Glastonbury festival - with over a Terabyte of mobile data forecast to be downloaded.

The 1088GB data download estimate is up 60 per cent on last year, highlighting just how much the smartphone revolution has taken off.

This data comes from an average of 18 web page views per person, with total web page views for the Glastonbury weekend standing at 3.6 million. 3.6 million is also the number of texts that will be sent. Glasto-revellers will also spend nearly 3.4 million minutes speaking on their phones (or holding them in the air).

To prepare for this mobile assault, the site has seen the installation of six temporary mobile phone cell sites at the busiest spots of the arena, including the pyramid stage, entrances and campsites.

How the Glastonbury festival has changed over the years. What was once a free gathering for hippies to escape the man and capitalist establishments by listening to alternative music on a farm after the summer solstice, is now a corporate cash cow populated by wannabe socialites and middle-of-the road headliners (Coldplay, U2 - we're looking at you).

How the hippies would have laughed at the Sloane Square massive arriving en masse with their wheelie-suitcases, ringing their pals and updating their Facebook statuses to tell them what a jolly time they're all having.

The times they are a changing.

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