Telefónica, the company who owns O2, has announced plans for a multi-device, cloud-based, app back up service - which goes by the codename Frigo.

Due to land in the spring in seven territories (including here in Blighty) Frigo will work with Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices and offer "all my stuff, anywhere, anytime".

That's not Everything, Everywhere but "anywhere, anytime" - you got it?

The service is meant to spread your app profile amongst your compatible devices - whether that be mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, PCs, set-top boxes or TVs - as it automatically backs up the apps that you've got and keeps them safe up in the cloud.

Tanya Field, director of Telefónica’s mobile data group, said: "The real value offered by Frigo with regards to multi-platform is ‘all my stuff, anywhere, anytime’. The outcome for users will be true ownership of their apps and content through a personalised and consistent service that can be accessed and enjoyed on the device of their choice.

"Frigo also opens up opportunities to reach and retain vast new segments of customers because it is not restricted to specific, high-end devices and smartphones."

Frigo will come with a recommendation engine powered by Qualcomm’s Xiam tech, and it is fully compliant with the aims of the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC).