As Phil Collins once sang: "You always need to hear both sides of the story".

And, as we gave coverage recently to Virgin Media's "Stop the broadband con" campaign, it's only fair that we give O2 some inches too, as the ISP has gone to the bother of contacting Pocket-lint to clarify its position.

Felix Geyr, head of home and broadband at O2 said:    

"When we launched our new broadband packages in September we made it clear we wanted to ensure there was better clarity for consumers around speeds.

"We believe that packages should be designed around customers needs and not speeds. While speed is clearly important for customers it should not be the be all and end all".

"At O2 we believe that customers should be told, upfront, what they can expect, but also that they should buy a package that suits their online activity. All our customers receive whatever line speed their line can handle".    

"It is extremely important that the broadband market is cleaned up so that customers look for the right experience, customer service and value for money when they buy - not just headline speeds".

Sounds fair enough to us.