O2 has confirmed that it has followed Vodafone and launched the iPhone 4 as a Pay-As-You-Go offering on its network.

Those with £595 spare can now buy the 32GB iPhone 4 without having to sign up for a lengthy contract.

Those with only £495 can opt for a 16GB iPhone 4 model. Users will then be able to use the company's Pay & Go Tariff to get:

- Top-up £10-£14 and get 300 texts each month

- Top-up £15-£29 and get 500 free texts each month

- Top-up £30+ and get unlimited texts each month

O2 is hoping, however, that it doesn't fall foul of the same problems that hit Vodafone. It sold out of its PAYG stock in just 1 day leaving many disappointed.

All this for a phone that isn't supposed to be that good when it comes to making calls. Seems the public, clearly aware of the problem, don't really care.