You might be the biggest seller of iPhones in the UK, but that doesn't mean you're more likely to know what is going on, above and beyond the rest of us, even when it involves your biggest selling product; the iPhone 4.

In a revealing statement, O2 said on Friday night that it was mulling over Steve Jobs' announcements made at the company's emergency press conference, before letting its customers know the carrier's stance.

"On Friday 16 July, Apple held a press conference to talk about iPhone 4", O2 said in a statement. "We're currently reviewing the announcement and what it means for our customers".

Apple's announcement that it will be issuing a free bumper to all iPhone 4 customers, and will allow returns for any users still unsatisfied, has caught O2 on the hop. The network operator doesn't really know what to suggest or recommend, implying that Apple didn't even talk plans over with the UK operator.

"Please don't call customer service or visit an O2 shop with questions about the announcement at this time. They will not be able to give you any more info until we update this page", read the plea, before suggesting that if you do want to know anything more about it you should, "contact [Apple] directly".

On Friday, Steve Jobs confirmed that, even after very few complaints and returns, it would still be going ahead and offering free bumpers for all iPhone 4 customers.