So, like many others today, you have singularly failed to get an iPhone 4. You've looked on in vain as early adopters stroll past with their new device in a placky clutch bag, while it became more and more obvious that your position in the queue would only end up in disappointment.

Certainly, we are continuing to get reports from frustrated customers up and down the country, who are chasing illusive handsets like they were the Ark of the Covenant itself.

O2, though, has come up with a nifty stock watch website which gives regular updates on which of its high street stores have iPhone 4s in their storerooms.

Of course, as it doesn't list how many handsets each store has, it may still be a case of turning up as the last one waddles its way out of the door, but it's better than sitting around without a clue. And if you are one of the unluckier fanboys on launch day, you can check to see when your local store receives a new shipment.

Oh, and it also has the iPhone 3GS listed... Ahem...