Pocket-lint news editor, Rik Henderson, has joined the masses queueing at the Holloway O2 store in order to be one of the first to pick up the new iPhone 4. However, it appears that a lot of Apple fans will be out of luck as he has been informed that there's less than 100 handsets available.

This will mean plenty of people will possibly be walking away very disappointed, especially as some have been queuing for long time, and the iPhone 4 is running out.

We're interested to know if anyone else has had word of a shortage. Have you been told there is an iPhone 4 stock shortage? Get in touch via the comments below and we'll do our best to keep you up to date.

UPDATE: We've just had a call from our news editor who has confirmed that people have been turned away from the O2 store in Holloway due to a lack of handsets. Not only this but Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U are suffering similar shortages.

This is, admittedly, in one small area of London, but it is starting to look like it could be a wider issue. Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

UPDATE, Carephone Warehouse statement:

"We can confirm that the limited stock CPW have received has reached the stores intended. Like all retailers, Carphone Warehouse have received only limited stock for the time being, due to the world-wide demand for the iPhone 4, but are working hard with Apple and the other mobile operators to get more stock as soon as it becomes available."

UPDATE, O2 statement:

"Since last Friday we’ve been warning people that iPhone 4 stock would be severely limited at launch. That’s why we decided to prioritise what stock we do have for existing O2 customers. We will be getting new stock in from Apple as soon as we can and creating a website to keep people informed which of our stores have devices".

UPDATE, Phones 4U statement:

"Stock is very limited everywhere in the UK at present and as a result, some people are having to wait a little longer before they're able to purchase an iPhone 4. We apologise to those that have not been able to get an iPhone 4 from us yet, and we're doing everything we can to get more stock as soon as possible. We will ensure that those customers who have pre-ordered an iPhone 4 will get priority as soon as we receive more devices".