O2 has posted a picture of its iPad friendly micro-SIM card on Twitter, and it has got Pocket-lint's mischievous mind all a flutter. You see, the picture shows that the micro-SIM is encased within a regular sized SIM outline. Confused? Read on for clarification.

The picture shows that the micro-SIM comes embedded into a credit card sized card, exactly how normal SIMs are currently distributed. What O2 has done though, is drawn on a handy guideline of a regular SIM around the micro-SIM.

So, if you apply the same logic that was present in the micro-SIM botch jobs we showed you last week, that the electronic components of a micro-SIM and a regular SIM are exactly the same, you could, in theory, cut out around the regular SIM outline and use your data plan micro-SIM in any network compatible smartphone.

You would still be able to pop the micro-SIM out for iPad usage, as your cut out would act as a frame in which the micro-SIM could sit anytime you wanted to use it in your phone.

We haven't seen the Orange or Vodafone micro-SIMs yet, but even if they aren't presented in the same way, you can still get hold of one of the O2 ones for free and use that as your designated chassis.

Dodgy? Very possible, be sure not to fall foul of any T&Cs you might have agreed to. Do-able though? Definitely.