Although we're still waiting for official announcements from Vodafone or O2, with Orange having shown its hand on Friday, both company's 3G data plans for iPad are already being revealed to Apple customers on its UK online store.

Eager early adopters can pre-order the iPad today and, as Pocket-lint falls into that category, we found out that a comprehensive table of data plans is revealed amongst the order screens . It certainly makes good reading and presents a hard decision for 3G users, with each plan offering different price structures.

o2 and vodafone s ipad data plans leaked image 2

Vodafone's is, perhaps, the simplest with just 2 monthly subscription plans: £10 per month gets you a limit of 250MB, while £25 per month allows you to download up to 5GB.

O2, like Orange, offers a day-to-day PAYG option of £2, although it allows up to 500MB to be downloaded in a 24-hour period (Orange's is 200MB). It then has 2 monthly plans of £10 per month for 1GB, and £15 per month for 3GB.

Considering these, it certainly seems that Orange offers a more comprehensive package (including free Wi-Fi access at all BT Openzone hotspots). But, at least the others offer reasonable alternatives.

A relevant micro-SIM card can be pre-ordered along with the iPad, at an extra cost of 20p, although you'll also be able to get one from the providers at a later date should you change your mind.

Now, roll on 28 May.