European Wi-Fi provider The Cloud has announced that it's launching an iPhone app for O2 customers that'll allow them easy access to its 22,000 networks across Europe for no charge.

The company's recommending in particularly that football fans download it in advance of the World Cup so that they can get access to match streams when they're away from home, but to be honest anyone who likes using the Web on their handset could appreciate it. The app updates automatically when new locations are added.

Steve Nicholson, The Cloud's CEO, put the boot into 3G, saying: "We anticipate increasing numbers of people will want TV quality media on their mobiles whilst on the move. Our own research as well as growing industry-wide opinion suggests that Wi-Fi is the only solution in delivering an acceptable service and that traditional cellular networks will struggle to deliver acceptable quality to this level of users simultaneously".

The Fast Connect app is available in the App Store now.

Update: We're hearing that this app's actually been available for a little while. We'll leave this post up, because you might find it useful if you're stuck somewhere needing Wi-Fi.