In what is fast becoming a tit-for-tat public spat, O2 has retaliated to Vodafone's comments about it being the best UK network according to research carried out by O2.

After Guy Laurence, CEO Vodafone UK said to us on Wednesday that “This week’s independent study by O2 is a welcome endorsement of Vodafone having the best network in the UK." O2's Chief Technology Officer Derek McManus has come back with the following:

"Ambitious claims are made about network speeds but the situation is far from clear cut. Accurate information and transparency are crucial in helping customers make sure they get the best from their mobile network".

“We commissioned this survey to make sure no one is misled. O2 offers faster speeds in many cities, and other operators in others".

"We offer an industry-leading 14 day happiness guarantee, so if customers are not happy with the speeds they're getting, they can bring the device back. We urge customers to use coverage checkers before they purchase a phone or mobile broadband dongle”.

The independent network speed test by SIRODA found O2 and Vodafone came out top in a national network speed test. The test showed that while it came out top overall against T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange and 3 when it came to downloading music on the go, the operator lost to Vodafone when it came to general Web surfing.

What do you think about the two operators gunning it out in public? Who do you think has the better network? Let us know in the comments below.