O2 has revealed some interesting sales stats about the Apple iPhone, which it was the first operator in the UK to offer.

The Telefonica-owned company has revealed it has now sold 2 million iPhones in the UK. As the one million milestone mark was reached in February 2009, 16 months after sales began, this suggests that a year on and sales of the device are steady.

Reuters reports that Matthew Key, the chief exec of Telefonica, and Ronan Dunne, chief exec of O2 UK, told reporters "the company was still enjoying a boost from being the first operator to sell the Apple phone" with Dunne claiming that being associated with the iPhone in consumer's minds "will take a long time (to go) away".

Orange and Vodafone now also offer the iPhone in the UK and although overall sales figures are not known Vodafone recently revealed it shifted 100,000 of them in the first week.

Sales for the Palm Pre on O2 are said to be "good" but no hard stats were announced.