O2 has been experiencing problems with its data network for several days now. Over the weekend, amidst a swathe of customers lacking data access, the network tweeted "We're sorry that some mobile customers have had problems with data today - these services will be back up tonight".

Then on 21 December, the network again tweeted: "We apologise to customers who cannot use data at the moment. We have a fault with the allocation of IP addresses which we are fixing". Later that day, the network announced that internet connections were being gradually restored, but that MMS and Visual Voicemail were still experiencing issues.

The issues continued coming, but progress appears to be being made - "Data network update: Visual Voicemail is now working", says the network, claiming that it is working on MMS as a priority. The latest that we're hearing from customers is that the problems seem to be mostly gone.

However, this is a critical time of year for O2, with network traffic increasing as people drive home to their families. With Orange, Vodafone and Tesco's iPhones looming on the horizon, will customers stick with an operator whose network has cracked a number of times under the stresses brought on by Apple's handset? However, we've still  yet to see how those stresses will affect the other operators - they could end up in the same boat if they don't learn from O2's experience.

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