Nvidia has made its presence felt at 3GSM by demonstrating a new 3D interface prototype, and promoting its new GoForce 6100 range of mobile processors.

The 3D interface prototype is based on a specification developed by Khronos called OpenKODE, which facilitates multi-tasking with multiple windows on a mobile device, accelerated translucent windows, and a 3D user interface with transition effects.

OpenKODE 1.0 is designed to enable more advanced user interfaces than we have now, and accelerates different media types through a standard set of developer APIs.

It's royalty-free, and will work across a variety of platforms.

In addition, Nvidia's new GoForce 6100 range is the company's effort to reduce energy consumption in mobiles so that batteries don't run out as quickly.

The processor boasts the industry's lowest power consumption, according to Nvidia, at under half the power draw of any other application processor in the market.

It's designed to support complicated multimedia codecs as well as high-quality audio.