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(Pocket-lint) - Nothing has really started the process of trying to hype up the launch of its new phone, the Nothing phone (1), now revealing a glimpse of the device in a promo video.

The phone is seen through a window in Carl Pei's hand in the closing second of the video. It's a small reward for sitting through the 15-minutes of self-promotion that lead up to it, but the result is the same - a glance at the phone.


As we saw on the company's previous tease, there's a flattened aluminium frame around the phone and the overall result looks like the iPhone 13 Pro, except with fewer lenses. You could almost imagine that Nothing is trolling everyone with a skin on the rear of an iPhone if it wasn't for that missing lens.

From this frame of the video we get a better look at it and the design we're being shown aligns with the previous logo that was shown when the plans for a phone were first announced, explaining away those circles and slashes.

You can see that there are textural difference - whether that's a tactile difference or if it's all under the rear glass we can't tell.

This is, however, a deliberate reveal. Nothing coming from Nothing feels accidental, with the company banking on coverage for these "leaks" to help build the hype for the launch of the phone.

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In the video itself there's mention that it's going to be available first from StockX - which might delight you or fill you with horror - as Nothing walks a path that's rapidly becoming so overhyped it might end up consuming itself.

The launch of the phone is still scheduled for 12 July 2022, with a live event in London, and we know it's going to be powered by Qualcomm hardware. We're expecting to be drip-fed everything else over the coming weeks, unless this is all a huge hoax - because we still think it looks too much like an iPhone from what we've seen so far.

Writing by Chris Hall.