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(Pocket-lint) - The problem with trying to launch a new device is that the process of certification for that device will reveal a whole range of details.

That's the case with this latest leak, which suggests that the Nothing phone (1) will come with a 45W charger. The information comes courtesy of the TUV standards agency certifying a Nothing branded charger.

We already know that the Nothing phone (1) will be announced on 12 July at an event in London and in the month until that date, we're expecting to learn quite a lot extra about the device.

The aim of Nothing is to create a technology brand free from the restrictions you find elsewhere. It wants to create a super ecosystem that's uncompromised, able to rival Apple, but working not only with its own devices but with key partners too.

The Nothing phone (1) is arguably going to be the most important part of the puzzle, because it will sit at the heart of the system.

We know that from a design point of view there will be some translucency to the design and that the wireless charging coil is a central part of that design - but the biggest thing about this phone is likely to be software optimisation: that's what's going to drive any sort of ecosystem ambitions.

As for the battery, we don't know the capacity yet, but thanks to this leak we know that it's likely to offer 45W charging. Whether that's just 45W wired charging or if it extends to 45W wireless charging too, remains to be seen.

Certainly, for fans of OnePlus and followers of the Carl Pei story, it's an exciting time as we build up to the launch of Nothing's first smartphone.

Writing by Chris Hall.