Nokia has added a new feature to its Ovi Maps service that will allow users to find points of interest, but also to make contributions themselves. It's called "Good Things".

The idea is that locals know an area best, and allowing them to recommend great restaurants, hidden-away locations and other nifty little things that people who "aren't from round 'ere" might not know.

Earlier in the year, Nokia Interactive's head of sales - John Stoneman - laid the philosophical groundwork for the move, explaining how to monetise such an application:

"If users are just trying to find a route from A to B then advertisers will have to be fairly serendipitous to be able to guess what will interest them as they pass, or they're going to have to bombard them with so many ads that they will become frustrated - which will result in a bad user experience".

Good Things will be available in 25 countries, and should be launched on mobile handsets and on the Web imminently.