Normally most companies frown upon users hacking the software to meet their own needs, however Nokia is taking the rather different approach of actually organising an event around it.

PUSH N900 as it will be called, is a "unique hack and mod project for designers, creatives, coders and hackers using the new Nokia N900". The event, being held in London, is calling for people to tell Nokia how they would hack and mod the N900 to connect it to something you love, like a big screen TV for example.

The creations/ideas will be judged by Kari Tuutti from Nokia and Olavi Toivainen from Maemo with the best ones showcased in Nokia’s flagship stores around the globe.

"With its innovative open source Maemo platform, 32GB internal storage and sleek design, the Nokia N900 has a speed and raw power which will be even more powerful in the hands of the UK's best hack and mod creatives. We can't wait to see the results", said Tuutti.

Strangely users won't need a N900 to show what they are planning on doing (the phone isn't out yet anyway), with five winners walking away with the handset that isn't due out until October.