Interesting information has leaked over Espoo way from a local blog, Puhelinvertailu, as it seems Nokia is prepping another two series of devices for launch soon.

Trademark filings reveal that the Finnish phone giant has plans for both a "Cseries" and an "Xseries" range to add to its existing Nseries and Eseries offerings.

Although no hardware has yet been hinted, The Boy Genius Report blog speculates that the Xseries could well be the company's future MIDs or Internet Tablets while the Cseries might encompass all mid to lower end handsets that don't fall into the three other categories.

In addition, "Nokia Money" could be a result of the March 2009 investment Nokia ploughed into mobile payments service provider Obopay. Finally, the also-revealed "Booklet" might well be the moniker for the company's future netbook. We will keep you posted.