As was teased, and subsequently leaked, Nokia has launched three new music-focused handsets.

Nokia says the 5730 XpressMusic, Nokia 5330 XpressMusic and Nokia 5030 with XpressRadio "bring people's music to life with features that give music lovers around the world easy access to the music they love".

These new phones will be offered as Comes with Music compatible in selected markets, to be confirmed nearer to launch.

The Nokia 5730 XpressMusic is Nokia's first music device to get a full QWERTY keyboard.

With a "Homescreen for XpressMusic", that provides access and dynamic information on music, people, games, email and calendar, there's also an improved "contacts bar" with direct access to music, N-Gage and other applications, like Facebook, Photos, Ovi Contacts, Maps, messaging and more.

The phone's music shortcut offers a quick access to the music stored on the device as well as to the Nokia Music Store.

Complete with dedicated gaming keys the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic is described as a "true N-Gage gadget".

The Nokia 5330 XpressMusic gets an "edgy, top-sliced design" and illumination effects.

There's XpressMusic touch keys on the side of the display for instant access to music, a 3.5mm jack and the claim of 26 hours of playback time from the battery.

The Nokia 5030 is the company's first phone with an internal FM radio antenna, and is aimed at emerging markets "where people rely on a radio as their main source of entertainment and news".

The Nokia 5030 offers up to a day of listening time, 10 hours of talk time, a loudspeaker, and will be available in two colours - graphite and red.

The Nokia 5730 XpressMusic is due in the third quarter for a pre-tax 280 euros, the 5030 is due second quarter for 40 euros while the 5330 XpressMusic is also due third quarter for 160 euros before tax.