Nokia has confirmed that it plans to have between seven to nine handsets in its Comes with Music range by the end of the year Pocket-lint has learnt.

In a interview with Nokia, the company confirmed that it plans to launch a pre-pay offering, as well as continue to boost the handset offering beyond the current 5800, and 5310 handsets currently available.

"We have plenty more handsets to come", Nokia told us. "Comes with Music isn't just a Christmas promotion".

Asked whether or not the 5800 handset would remain at the top of the pile, Nokia confirmed that it would lose its flagship status, however refrained from saying what would be replacing it.

As for the recently announced 5630 handset that features a slide out QWERTY keyboard, Nokia said that it would more than likely be coming to the UK, however it was still in negotiations with operators at the moment.

While Nokia continue to inform us that consumers love the Comes with Music offering, the service, which sees customers pay an up front fee for unlimited music for a year, is struggling to gain support with the operators.

"It's in direct competition with the operator," Peter Cunningham, a senior analyst for Canalys told Pocket-lint. "While it isn't a problem for second tier operators like 3, bigger operators aren't so keen as it competes against their own music offerings".

Cunningham also cites a general lack of understanding as another possible case for the lack enthusiasm for the service.

"It's a fantastic proposition, however I am not sure consumers get it. The campaign has been very subtle so far".

As always we will keep you posted on new handsets as they are announced.