Facebook is in talks with several mobile phone manufacturers to integrate its social networking platform into an "array" of mobile phones, reports the Wall Street Journal.

In particular, it's said that Facebook and Nokia are discussing a partnership - and have been doing so for months - that would embed the Facebook platform into Nokia mobiles.

An example provided of how this integration could work is via the contact info on a Nokia handset - Facebook information could be integrated with the phone's address book so when users looked up a contact, they could see whether their Facebook friends were logged on and post direct to their profiles.

People "familiar with the matter" said its unclear how far off a handset announcement is, but the two companies are expected to make some "minor announcements" at next week's Mobile World Congress event.

In addition, the WSJ report suggests Facebook is also talking to Motorola as well as working with Palm on integrating aspects of the social network into its new mobile operating system.

A Facebook spokesperson said it is: "dedicated to working with and developing partnerships with mobile operators and device makers all over the world".