Said to be as part of its "ongoing effort to bridge the digital divide", Nokia has introduced a range of affordable mobile devices and innovative new services specifically for people in emerging markets.

Estimated retail prices of the new devices range from 25 to 90 euros with several models to begin shipping this year, and others, with Nokia's suite of internet services for emerging markets, due to be available beginning in 2009.

The Nokia 7100 Supernova, the Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, the Nokia 2323 classic, 2320 classic and 2330 classic and the Nokia 1202 and 1661 are all due to launch.

"In 2002, Nokia unveiled a strategy to lower the cost of owning and operating a mobile phone and to bring the benefits of mobile telephony to people in emerging markets. Today, we are expanding that vision by introducing a number of devices and services that aim to bring the power of the Internet to these markets as well", says Robert Andersson, executive vice president, devices, Nokia.

As well as the handset news, Nokia has also announced "Life Tools", agriculture and education information due to debut in India.