Nokia's Comes With Music unlimited downloads have found a home with a UK operator as 3 announces the news that they will offer the service.

3 will provide Comes With Music on special N95 8GBs that will be available from the start of next month.

As Pocket-lint's sources had previously indicated would be the case, 3 is the first UK mobile phone carrier to do a deal with Nokia over the service.

Reports suggest other operators are baulking at the prospect of the unlimited music downloads eating into their own music service revenue.

The service is currently also available on the Nokia 5310 on a pay as you go basis through the Carphone Warehouse.

Comes With Music offers you "all you can eat" access to Nokia's entire online music store of around four million tracks, downloadable to both a compatible N95 8BG and PC.

Available on 3 from 3rd November 2008, Nokia’s Comes With Music N95 8GB is available on an 18 month contract with 300 mins/texts, and 1GB of inclusive internet access for £35 a month.