With rumours of the touchscreen "Tube" not quite coming to fruition, it's been revealed Nokia plans to bring a "complete portfolio" of touch products to market, including lower-end offerings.

Following recent statements made by a senior Nokia executive, the Finnish phone company has clarified the situation of Nokia's forthcoming touch portfolio to the press:

"In the quarterly results conference call, Kai Öistämö, head of devices for Nokia, repeated our claim that Nokia remains fully committed to bringing to market a complete portfolio of touch products - for the mass-market, the high-end, and even at the low-end."

"We intend to play to Nokia’s strength, appealing to the broadest possible market, and leverage our advantages in brand, scale, platforms, manufacturing and distribution."

"As Kai said, our first touch device will be aimed solidly at the 'mid-range' or 'volume' part of the market. This device will be competitively spec-ed - especially considering the price point and will be announced in a few months."