Only 3% of people recycle their mobile phones, even though they might have old devices that they no longer want, according to a global consumer survey released by Nokia.

Based on info from 6500 people in 13 countries, it seems three out of every four people don't think about recycling their devices and nearly half were unaware that it is even possible to do so.

On average each person has owned five phones, with just that 3% saying they had recycled an old phone; 4% go into landfill, 44% are being kept at homes never used, while 16% of people sell their used devices.

Nokia says between 65% and 80% of a Nokia device can be recycled. Claiming to operate the largest voluntary scheme in the mobile industry, Nokia offers recycling services in 85 countries.

People can drop off their old devices at Nokia stores and almost 5000 Nokia Care Centers. To find their nearest take back point people can visit