Still reeling from the leaked details of Nokia handsets on Monday, Nokia has to deal with more on Tuesday as pictures of the supposed Nokia "Tube" have shown up on Flickr.

Taken by Flickr user J Blade, the photographer suggest that the phone will be available "in January 2009".

Dubbed the "Nokia 5800 X-press Music C" in the photos, the three shots show little information about the handset "it’s just a prototype without battery..." supposedly apart from a 3 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens on the back and Vodafone branding on the front.

The "Tube" mobile phone has been rumoured since Nokia first showed a touchscreen iPhone-styled device in a presentation to journalists in April last year.

Nokia declined to comment on the story citing that "Nokia doesn’t comment on rumour or speculation".

We are awaiting a response from Vodafone in the UK.

We will keep you posted.