Nokia N-Gage games will be transferable from one phone to another after all it seems.

According to PCworld, Nokia has told the online US publication that "A miscommunication is blamed for users not being told".

Quoting Oskar Sodergren, communications manager at Nokia Scandinavia, the article states Sodergren saying "Internally there have been some mixed messages in this matter as well. We have been working on a way for this to work since the relaunch, but it is taking some time for everything to fall into place".

However according to the article, Sodergren "doesn't want to elaborate on the details for when a mechanism for transferring games will be in place, or why it hasn't been released".

Last week, unhappy gamers hit out at Nokia after believing N-Gage titles bought for their current handsets could not be transferred if the phone is changed.

There are about 30 games available on a limited range of Nokia handsets, which are bought and downloaded direct to the phone.