Unhappy gamers have hit out at Nokia after learning N-Gage titles bought for their current handsets cannot be transferred if the phone is changed.

If a gamer upgrades their handset to a different Nokia or changes phone for any other reason, any N-Gage titles bough will have be purchased again if they wish to keep playing.

The issue was uncovered by website All About N-Gage.

"It's a bad idea for everyone ... the N-Gage platform, gamers and third party publishers", the site said.

The relaunched N-Gage mobile gaming platform has been up and running since last month. It is Nokia's second attempt in the world of mobile gaming after a hanset of the same name failed to take off in 2003.

There are about 30 games available on a limited range of Nokia handsets, which are bought and downloaded direct to the phone.

A gamer on the official N-Gage forum made their feelings very clear, saying: "Changes need to be made soon, and sticking one's head in the sand will not change anybody's mind".

When gamers sign up for the service they have to agree to terms and conditions, part of which explains that games cannot be transferred between devices.

But users have hit back saying the detailis buried deep in the terms and conditions, and not made clear at point of purchase.

Nokia has so far made no comment on the matter.