Trendy design firm, Provoke, had hoards cramming to see its latest concept phones, designed for Nokia, in NYC.

On show at New York Design Week, the three models are part of a study showing where phone design will be heading in the next 4 years.

Where as Nokia's Design Studio event in London last month focused upon eco-friendly offerings, the event stateside saw models which you can really make your own.

The most notable three concepts are called “Express”, “Feel” and “Share”.

The Express is all about personal, (yes you've guessed it) expressions, which means, in basic terms, users can customise the interface, or even the colour of their phone.

Say the designers: "The pace and intensity of visual contrast between the different states can be customised to suit personal liking". Right.

Next up is The Feel, which will allow users to send touch-simulating messages (remember the phone with the keypad that felt like skin - yuck!).

What the designers say is that the phone offers "real physical communication" - guess it would be good for long distance relationships?

And last up is the skateboarder styled Share, which includes Twitter and MySpace integration.

What the designers say: "By tagging content to locations, group members can challenge each other. Actual and virtual worlds will blur". Again, right.