Nokia has shown off a number of handsets that it believes could shape the future of the mobile phone industry at its Design Studio in London.

Nokia say that the new concept handsets look at changing the way we think about mobile phones and what we want out of them.

"Wears In, Not Out", is a durability-focused handset that, according to Rhys Newman from Nokia's Homegrown Project at its Design Studio in Los Angeles, asks the question of whether we need to replace our phone every 18 months.

"The concept is that a handset is built to last for 5 to 10 years" Newman said. "We will soon reach a point where people will be able to have enough technology in their phone that will last them for a decent length of time, very much like a laptop."

Other concepts include a phone called "People First". The concept handset, rather than looking at traditional navigation options to interact with the menu interface, will work using "Human Universals".

According to Newman, "Human Universals" are universal elements that are know to all of us across the world regardless of language.

"The phone will be without applications, instead have one large list showing the history of the phone so people can scroll up and down to call people or activate features."

Keeping with the "eco" focus, the phone will also have the ability to switch from a colour screen to mono to save battery power.

The concepts follow on from the announcement of the "Remade" concept announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Remade is a phone that is completely made from old recycled Nokia phones.

Currently 426,000 products are "retired" everyday in the US.

Finally the company showed off a new mobile phone charger that it believes will help save electricity in the home. The "Zero waste" charger will come with an on/off button while future possibilities will offer a 1 hour charge, or even the possibility that your phone will tell the charger that its fully charged and can be turned off.

Still firmly in the concept stage rather than due to the market anytime soon, we will keep you posted.