Nokia's Design studio in London has said that rather than focus on creating converging devices in the future that promise to do everything from make calls to helping you find your way home, the company is likely to produce mobile phone handsets aimed specifically at different sectors of the market.

"We are likely to see handset serving different needs rather than trying to be all things to everyone", said Alastair Curtis, Nokia's chief designer.

Not going as far as ruling out phones with other features such as a camera or music player, the comments made by Curtis, in a presentation to a crowded room of journalists on an open day to the company's design studio in London, implied that the days of the company's Nokia N95 where a phone is stuffed full of tech are numbered.

But before you panic that you'll loose all those acronyms to spout to your friends, Curtis says it's not time to panic, the phone will always be the "gateway to your digital world".