Nokia has introduced the Nokia 6212 classic featuring integrated Near Field Communication (NFC).

The 3G handset will allow owners to share content, access services and information as well as conduct payments and ticketing with one tap of the device, such as seen in the current Nokia "Tube phone" trials.

"NFC-capable handsets such as the Nokia 6212 classic are set to change the way mobile phone users interact with devices and services in their surroundings", says Jeremy Belostock, the head of Near Field Communications, Nokia.

"With the Nokia 6212 classic, people can swap items like business cards or calendar notes by simply tapping their handsets together. With ever-increasing device functions and services available, ease-of-use is essential. One way to keep things simple is NFC."

By tapping an NFC-enabled tag, consumers can receive new content such as weblinks, audio files and contact data while photos and videos can be shared by tapping another NFC-capable phone.

The Nokia 6212 classic goes one step further with the NFC fun and allows consumers to personalise and edit their own NFC tags, be it for writing calendar entries or setting the alarm clock.

The sales pack of the Nokia 6212 classic comes with three sticker tags, one of which opens the NFC introduction in the phone.

The slimline Nokia 6212 classic also offers a 2-megapixel camera, 2-inch QVGA display, stereo FM radio and music player supporting multiple formats as well as microSD support up to 4GB.

The Nokia 6212 classic is expected to start shipping in
the third quarter of 2008 in select markets in Europe and Asia with an estimated pre-tax retail price of 200 euros.