A Nokia exec has revealed that the Finnish mobile phone company is still hard at work on an iPhone competitor.

Speaking at a developer event in California, Tom Libretto, vice president of Forum Nokia, also revealed the codename for the device - the "Tube".

We first got news of this device back in August last year when slideshow shots of a touchscreen device, that looked identical to the iPhone, were shown at a Nokia press event.

It seems those slides are still doing the rounds, and Libretto revealed that the phone will offer Java support, something the iPhone does not.

"It's our first touch device", said Libretto, who could not confirm a timescale for the launch of the new handset.

And, despite Nokia's copy-cat tactics, the company are unconcerned with the success of Apple's mobile.

During his presentation, Libretto compared shipments of iPhone to Nokia's numbers. In response to Apple shipping as many as 6 million iPhones, the exec said at the Monday event: "We've done that [volume] since we've had dinner on Friday".