Nokia has officially launched the N810 Internet Tablet - WiMAX Edition, the manufacturer's first device that will work on the new wide-area high-speed mobile WiMAX networks.

This pocket-sized device will be available in the United States only at some point during summer 2008 in areas where Sprint's "Xohm" WiMAX network will launch.

WiMAX offers faster speeds than existing cell networks - Nokia has said users can expect download rates of 2Mbps to 4Mbps, with "bursts" as fast as 10Mbps.

Along with a full featured Mozilla web browser, the device offers a 4.13-inch touchscreen, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, VoIP calling with webcam, IM client compatibility, media player and 2GB of internal memory, expandable to 10GB via microSD.

There's also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and with the built-in GPS, Nokia describes the N810 WiMAX Edition as a "fully featured personal navigation device", complete with real-time on-screen maps.

As well as launching the new hardware, Nokia has revealed an update to the OS2008 operating system for its internet tablet that will be available as a a free upgrade to existing owners in Q2 2008.