"Nokia is mobilising home multimedia content and enabling remote access to home content using your Nokia mobile devices", the company has stated today.

How? Well, Nokia has announced that the N95 8GB has become the first ever mobile phone to receive Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) certification.

DLNA is a common connectivity platform for consumer electronics device and essentially means that its a guarantee your DLNA-approved gadget will play nice with other DLNA-approved gadgets.

The Nokia N95 8GB has received its certification as a "Mobile Digital Media Server" which means that content, such as music, photos or videos, can be shared wirelessly with other devices in your home.

It's not entirely clear from the info the phone company has released whether this DLNA action is ready to go in existing N95s or if it will come via a firmware update, something we're waiting to have confirmed...

UPDATE: New N95s will have the DNLA gubbins soon, existing handsets will get it via an update, coming soon.